Payline >

Payline is a browser-based application that can be used to process credit card transactions manually, process refunds, set up recurring payments and generate intelligent reports to aid with reconciliation and provide business intelligence.

PayForm >

Payform is a solution for merchants to accept payments via the HPP interface without requiring any API integration at all. Payform merchants simply need to direct their customers to a static URL or landing page where they will then be prompted to enter payment amount.

Paylink >

Paylink allows merchants to send a secure Hosted Payment Page (HPP) directly to the customer via email or sms.

HPP Customization >

This guide outlines how to customize your HPP and what customization options are available.

Xero Integration>

The Windcave and Xero integration lets merchants add the Windcave Hosted Payment Page (HPP) as a payment option to Xero invoices.


MOVE5000 Terminal>

User guide for the Ingenico MOVE5000.