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Payform provides an off the shelf eCommerce payment solution for merchants who may not have the expertise/resource available to complete a full Hosted Payment Page (HPP) API integration into their website.

With support for 3D Secure the HPP provides merchants additional protection against chargebacks when processing payments, reducing the risks and cost of accepting credit card payments.

When implementing Payform merchants can choose to redirect from their website or send the customer the static Payform link, this link can optionally be prepopulated with order details or allow the customer to enter details on the Payform page. After inputting details, the customer will be redirected to the HPP to enter sensitive payment information and securely process their payment.

Payform Overview

Implementing Payform

Unlike a traditional HPP integrations the Payform integration utilizes a static URL, merchants implementing Payform populate the static URL with their Payform access key and provide the URL to their customers; this could be via the merchants website or manually communications such as email, SMS, or social media communications.

Obtaining your Payform Access Key

You can obtain your Payform access key by logging into Payline® with your Payform username, and navigating to User Accounts → My User.

My User

Here you can copy your Payform Access Key:

Obtaining Access Key

Creating your Payform URL

Below are the Payform production and development URLs, merchants must replace ACCESSKEY with their Payform access key:

The Production URL should be used for merchants performing production or live transactions.

The Development URL should be used for merchants performing development testing in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment.



Prepopulated Fields

For merchants who would like to prepopulate certain fields within the Payform page, this can be achieved by using a query string; multiple query string can be applied to the Payform URL using a ampersand (&) as a delimiter.


Prepopulated fields are case sensitive, incorrectly entering will cause an error to be displayed when attempting to use the URL.

When using prepopulated fields it is recommended that merchant test the URL before sending/using live with their customers.

The below outlines the fields that can be prepopulated in the Payform URL:

Field Name Description Configuration Example
amount This controls the amount field on the Payform page allowing merchants to prepopulate the amount for the customer amount=10.00
currencyname This controls the currency field for merchants utilizing a multi-currency setup currencyname=NZD
txndata1 This controls the txnData1 custom merchant data field txndata1=Test1234
txndata2 This controls the txnData2 custom merchant data field txndata2=Test1234
txndata3 This controls the txnData3 custom merchant data field txndata3=Test1234
email This controls the email field allowing merchants to prepopulate the customers email
merchantreference This controls the merchant reference field allowing merchants to prepopulate the custom information field merchantreference=Test1234
txntype If enabled at Windcave Host this allows merchant to set transaction type, options are "purchase", "validate" or "auth"

  • purchase – Immediate charge to card.
  • auth – Hold amount on card, a complete must be submitted from Payline® for settlement to occur.
  • validate – No charge to card, used to check if card details are valid or not.


Read Only Fields

Merchants can restrict fields on the Payform page to be read only, this will prevent the cardholder form being able to update the field once the Payform page has been rendered.

The below outlines the default permissions for each field and which fields have configurable permissions:

Field Name Default Permissions Configurable
amount Read & Write
currencyname Read Only
txndata1 Read & Write
txndata2 Read & Write
txndata3 Read & Write
email Read & Write
merchantreference Read & Write
txntype Read Only

Custom Lists

Custom lists allow merchants to have a preconfigured list of options for customers to select from on the Payform page, lists can be applied to the txndata1/2/3 input fields and each field can have its own custom list.


Please contact for more information about enabling Custom Lists on your Payform user.

Additional Guides and Resources


From Payline® merchants can customize their Payform & HPP, for more information please see the Hosted Payment Page Customization guide.


Unlike a standard HPP integration, Payform by default does not return any transaction details to the merchant website; this means the merchant website is not required to handle any response from Windcave but will not receive notification once payment is complete.

To assist merchants in reconciliation Windcave can configure email or SMS notification receipts for payments processed through their Payform user, for more information or to enable merchant payment notifications please contact and provide your Payform username.

Alternatively from Payline® merchants can view transaction results in real time and run reports that may be used for reconciliation, for more information please see the Payline user guide.

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