Developer Documentation

E-commerce solutions that provide PCI grade security for merchants accepting payment online.

A globally consistent API allows a merchant to use the same integration across multiple markets, or to transition between systems or acquirers without costly payment integration rework.

The PxPay 2.0 interface is a platform independent Hosted Payments Page (HPP) solution provided by Windcave. The HPP provides a solution for the capturing credit card information securely without exposing the merchant to the sensitive data.

Use the HTTPs Protocol to send XML formatted transactions directly to Windcave.

PxFusion is a product that allows merchants to accept credit card details within a form on their own web page. The form posts sensitive data directly to Windcave Windcave will process the transaction and cause the user's browser to return to the merchant website in a way that is totally transparent to the cardholder.

Simple SOAP connection.


The Windcave IVR provides the ability for a Windcave customer to take phone based payments inside of a Windcave' PCI compliant environment. The call scripts used are configurable and may be varied on a per customer basis.