Nature’s Fridge Case Study

DateWednesday, 20 April 2022

Nature's Fridge

Tell us a little bit about Nature's Fridge.

Nature’s Fridge is a fresh food platform. Looking to make fresh and healthy meals and snacks convenient for everyone. We create real food, using fresh ingredients from salads, sandwiches and bowls to snacks made from scratch every morning in our commercial kitchen. No shortcuts are taken, and every meal or snack is made with passion and love for healthy eating. We really do believe that happiness begins in your gut. Eating real foods, rich in nutrients and as close to their natural state as possible supports your health and wellbeing.

We work closely with nutritionists, chefs, and local producers to create seasonal meals that are not only healthy, but delicious! Fresh, nutritious, and delicious food is our promise to you.

Where did this idea originate from?

The idea all started from our founder Louis Fraysse, who previously ran two successful cafes. He noticed that there as an ongoing demand for fresh food. He had a vision to mix things up and how he could best cater this demand at extremely affordable prices. Exploring the possibility around unattended food vending and self-service kiosks meant he could focus on what mattered, the food.

What was your biggest challenge?

There was nothing already pre-existing in the market to cater for our solution, so we had to look for custom development. We had to speak directly to the vending machine manufacturers, software developers and payment providers like Windcave so we could build a full automated and integrated system that would work accurately 100% of the time. Building the final solution and getting all moving parts around the technology to work was my biggest challenge.

How did Windcave help solve this challenge?

The initial integration strategy did not work out and Windcave were able to provide us with an alternative which gave us more control and flexibility over the transaction process. Our developers and Windcave worked closely together and in the end, we developed a simpler and cost-effective solution.

We went from an initial two-piece hardware configuration for the vending machine, where the card reader and keypad would have been separate to an EFTPOS device that is commonly found in retail stores. This could be achieved because Windcave develops their own terminals and was able to configure it for our situation.

Why did you choose Windcave?

We choose Windcave because they are the biggest player in New Zealand around this vending space and was able to provide all the services, I needed to take payments. They were able to do a bespoke integration with our kiosk and vending machine. They had an amazing team that would directly with our developers to ensure things with smoothly.

What’s on the menu?

We thrive on trying new ideas and adapting our menus with the seasons. We want to make affordable, delicious, and nutritious meals accessible to everyone, at any time and place they choose.