Hosted Payment Page

Cloud-based. Platform-independent. More accessible.

Using only the HTTPS protocol, the Hosted Payment Page (HPP) provides customers with a convenient, web-based, ecommerce solution and requires no additional Windcave software or SSL certificate. The Hosted Payment Page is setup with a create session message using JSON and HTTPS POST request sent to the Windcave REST API.

For additional information on the transaction flow, please refer to the HPP integration guide.

Security and compliance.

Redirecting users to a Hosted Payment Page reduces a merchant’s exposure to sensitive financial data. This solution is fully PCI-DSS compliant and boasts end-to-end encryption, CVV2, 3DSecure, and reCAPTCHA technologies. Offering added security and enhanced fraud prevention, the Windcave Risk Management module is an optional add on to your payment solution.


Fail-proof result notification.

Sometimes the transaction outcome will not make it back to the merchant website due to customer error, issues with the web server, or any number of other reasons. To make sure you aren’t left in the dark, Windcave will send an HTTPS GET request up to six times, containing the transaction outcome.

Highly customizable.

Every merchant is unique and we believe that the HPP solution should reflect that. With several templates to work with, merchants can provide completely custom CSS style sheets, which we will apply to the Hosted Payment Page.



Tokenize cards securely.

Handle regular rebilling and speed up the payment process for your customers by securely implementing the tokenization of customer card data. The Enable Add Bill Card feature allows merchants to create a secure Token of their customer’s card and later use this for subsequent rebilling.


Scalability. Integration. Convenience.

Whether you are a sole-trader or running a multi-million dollar enterprise, HPP provides a convenient and accessible ecommerce solution. Integrated with all leading shopping carts, you can work with your existing solution or custom build one from scratch – HPP will work.

To aid with transaction management and analysis, Payline is provided free of charge to all new ecommerce merchants.

Ease of use.

With millions of transactions processed through the Hosted Payment Page each year, and with full support of all major credit cards, HPP makes paying online easier for everyone.

Shop on the go.

More e-shoppers are taking to their phones and tablets. HPP sports a responsive web design to provide a seamless experience for your customers. HPP allows your customers to shop online when they are on the bus, at the beach, or at home.

For developers.

View technical information.

Do more with HPP

Not content with just handling Credit and Debit Card payments, we have incorporated the following payment options into our hosted solution.

HPPHPPApplePay HPPPayPal HPPVisa Click To Pay

Accept Online Bank Transfers Account2Account is a great alternative to credit card payments, allowing merchants to accept online payments directly to their bank account in real time, by creating a one-off online payment using the customer's online banking portal.

Windcave now brings to you, Apple Pay.
Empower your customers to make payments from their iOS or MacOS device online and over the counter. Providing an omnichannel solution to our merchants, Windcave with Apple Pay is available to your ecommerce or brick and mortar site with minimal integration.

Windcave now brings to you, Google Pay.
Empower Customers by providing a frictionless checkout experience in Android Apps or on your website using Google Pay. Your customers will experience a checkout experience that is not only convenient but also simple to use. You the merchant can expect fewer abandoned payments and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction that will not only encourage customer retention but promote further customer acquisition.

The Windcave PayPal integration enables any merchant using HPP to expand their eCommerce storefront to accept PayPal. The PayPal solution is available via the HPP Hosted Payment Page

The Windcave UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) solution enables merchants based in New Zealand and Australia to expand their eCommerce storefront to accept UnionPay payments.