UK Merchant Activation Guide

Windcave customers need to arrange a merchant facility with Windcave. Supported card types are Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, American Express, Diners.

Requirements for Accepting American Express

For processing of American Express, Windcave customers are required to obtain an American Express "Merchant Number" exclusively for Windcave use.

If you are an existing American Express merchant call American Express directly on 0800 339 911 and ensure your current merchant number is exclusively in use with Windcave. If not, you would need to request either an additional merchant number for exclusive use by Windcave, or you can request the Payment Service Provider is changed to Windcave.

The American Express Merchant number then needs to be submitted to Windcave for us to load onto your system service.

If you are not currently an American Express merchant call American Express directly on 0800 339 911 and discuss becoming an American Express merchant, requesting a "Merchant number" with Windcave as the Payment Service Provider.

Windcave advice 1-2 business days upon receiving your American Express Merchant number to activate this.

Requirements for Accepting Diners Club

To be able to process Diners, please contact Diners directly on 0845 862 2935


There will be a time you will hear some payment Jargon going around. We've listed the most common terms you are most likely to hear and what they mean.

Merchant ID (MID) This is an electronic merchant number generated by the bank specifically for your business to be able to transact online. Commonly referred to as a MID
Terminal ID This is a number associated with the 'Merchant ID' A merchant can have one or many Terminal ID's. Commonly referred to as a TID.
Card Acceptor Name This is the name that appears on the card holders' statement.
Card Acceptor Location This is the physical location of business operation. This is usually the town or city of your business.
Merchant Category Code Your bank will assign you with a merchant category code based on your business type
CNP Card not present transactions
EFT EFTPOS transactions
Ecommerce Website based online transactions
MOTO Mail Order and Telephone Order. Transactions taken without the card holder being present.
AVS Address Verification Service. This verifies the address a customer's card is registered to for additional security.
CVC Card Verification code. Last 3 digits on the back of a customer's card. Most acquirers would want this information supplied compulsorily.