Ecommerce Security and Encryption

Windcave have a dedicated and purpose built development and data centre, specially designed for payments processing. We have invested and continue to re-invest in state of the art, bank grade security and infrastructure, and are fully certified as Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP (PCI DSS) compliant at processor level; using an approved QSA for quarterly scans on systems and full onsite audits, annually. All sensitive information is encrypted with the 3DES protocol, using financial Hardware Security Modules.

Security and Encryption

Windcave systems are managed by a world-class IT team that ensure all PCI requirements are met

Regular internal and external penetration testing to ensure ongoing compliance

Use of enterprise grade firewalls with IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

Constant, detailed monitoring of systems and network

Regularly tested and updated security processes

Testing and development completed to meet OWASP standards

PCI Compliant


PCI DSS compliant
Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP compliant
Bank grade Infrastructure
Secure Windcave hosted APIs
Mandatory HTTPS (SSL/TLS) on all APIs and payment page
Separate channels for handling standard and secure data
Advanced products designed ground up to meet security standards (PxPay2.0 and PxFusion)
3D Secure integration (Verified by Visa SecureCode and SafeKey)
Mandatory CVC2 checking
Dedicated Encryption hardware for secure tokenisation
Advanced Risk management for card fraud detection
Phishing prevention mechanisms
Detailed Payment session information tracking

Important points:

  • All data is SSL encrypted with the Windcave secure environment providing the same level of encryption security as any online banking portal
  • Windcave does not keep any record of your personal information during this transactional process, it is handled directly with your banking provider
  • Windcave does not have access to your personal information at any stage during the transaction process
  • No 3rd party software is downloaded to your computer
  • The same level of security applies to the millions of credit card transactions processed by Windcave everyday