Rebranding Announcement

Dear valued customers and partners,

Payment Express becomes Windcave. Our new name and logo are elegant and distinct, and will stand out proudly as we expand on the global stage. While payments remains at the core of our company mission, our assets and expertise extend well beyond payment processing. Windcave will reflect our achievements developing and delivering leading solutions in new spaces, including POS and Payment Terminals and Business Intelligence.

Windcave remains a one-stop provider of ecommerce, retail and unattended payment solutions for customers around the world. Certified with all major acquirers and card schemes, we provide PCI-compliant payment solutions, ensuring your payments are safe, seamless, and secure.

Windcave will continue our mission as an omnichannel solution for merchants, providing global payment methods with a multitude of value-added features that enhance our customers’ experience. We will also continue to develop, manage and own our industry-leading intellectual property and infrastructure so as to better respond to our customers’ evolving needs and expectations.

For more information, please visit our new website at

We look forward to continuing our important work for you under our new name and logo.

Rebranding FAQs

1. How will this re-branding affect my business?

Our service will not change, and our clients should not notice any change in the service aside from the new Windcave branding slowly replacing all Payment Express branding.

2. Is there anything I need to do because of the brand change?

There is no need for any Payment Express customer to do anything in preparation for the rebranding. All applications and current agreements will remain valid—just expect future agreements to come from Windcave. From a technical point of view there is no need to make any changes: we will continue to support all Payment Express endpoints, you won’t need to re-integrate with our services, and the bank accounts for payments will remain the same.

3.Will I still be able to use you through existing contact channels? Or will there be a global change in the way we contact the company?

We will maintain all our current points of contact, so you will be able to contact Windcave through the existing Payment Express channels. We will, however, reply from our new brand. Feel free to call or email whatever point of contact you currently use if you need to verify that you are contacting the right company.

All logons to Payment Express accounts will remain active, and you will be able to access our system from the Payment Express domains.

4. Does this rebrand also include changes to the company structure and the service that is offered?

The brand change is just that: a change in branding. There has been no change to the ownership or structure of the company, so there will be no change to the level of service our customers receive.

5. When will we see the new brand out in the field? Will there be a mass roll-out?

As part of the roll-out, Windcave-branded hardware will replace Payment Express hardware that comes back to us for repairs or upgrades. Any new hardware will have the new branding.

The same goes for our certifications and marketing materials: all new items will have the Windcave branding, but any items with Payment Express branding will still be valid.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team on