Google Pay

Windcave now brings to you, Google Pay™

Empower Customers by providing a frictionless checkout experience in Android Apps or on your website using Google Pay. Your customers will experience a checkout experience that is not only convenient but also simple to use. You the merchant can expect fewer abandoned payments and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction that will not only encourage customer retention but promote further customer acquisition.

Ultimate convenience with the ability for customers to store multiple credit and/or debit cards in their Google account. With Windcave app and web integration is made easy.

Google Pay Payment

Provide a native mobile app customer experience with Google Pay for Android and or web

With ecommerce booming, more and more shoppers are taking to their phones and laptops when it is time to make purchases. Using Google Pay, you can accept customer payments in apps or via your ecommerce site; you can even integrate directly into your existing Hosted Payment Page! For technical information , please refer to the Google Pay integration guide.